Size DOESN’T matter!

I’ve seen way to many otherwise inspiring posts for women that start with “I’m not a size 10…” or something similar. I am very thankful that people are trying to support heavier women, but those posts really should be two separate things. These posts are just as demeaning and demoralizing to smaller women as some of the others are to our heavier friends!! I am also a woman, and not perfect, and in need of the same moral supports. I, however, AM a size 6. I am NOT anorexic or bulimic. I have never dieted, except to try to GAIN weight. I sure as hell don’t have the time to exercise daily. This is just the way I have grown, or failed to, as the case may be. It is never okay to comment on someone’s size, big or small, unless you are a close friend and genuinely concerned about their health or you are congratulating them on reaching a goal they have set FOR THEMSELVES!! Let’s all just try to support each other as women, and as people, without all of the other qualifiers!!