Size DOESN’T matter!

I’ve seen way to many otherwise inspiring posts for women that start with “I’m not a size 10…” or something similar. I am very thankful that people are trying to support heavier women, but those posts really should be two separate things. These posts are just as demeaning and demoralizing to smaller women as some … Continue reading

De-clawing cats

I have to share this with the handful of people that said they still think de-clawing is ok… I have personally had an injury that resulted in needing to amputate part of the tip of one finger (the bone was splintered). I can’t even begin to describe how painful and traumatic of an experience it … Continue reading

Gender Bias

Yesterday I shared a FB post about a superbowl ad for a new(ish) toy. It’s a set (several different ones actually) of building blocks/pieces designed specifically for girls. I applaud the maker’s intent (as well as the people who came up with pastel colored legos, etc.) of getting young girls more interested in things like … Continue reading

Minimum Wage Increase

People keep saying they can’t raise minimum wage because it would drive up costs…Are there really people stupid enough to believe their crap?!! I’ve worked retail and done stock. Stores mark prices up anywhere from 100% – 1000% ON AVERAGE. Many get discounts on some or all of their utilities too. Never mind the a$$ … Continue reading