Talk is cheap; XL wants to talk food safety, prove it

US Food Safety

by Doug Powell 

Over a month after E. coli O157 was linked to XL Foods, a slaughterhouse in Alberta, and sickened at least 12 people across Canada, one of the owners has finally made a public appearance and said sorry, it won’t happen again.

I want to know who stocks XL meat so next time I’m in North America, I’ll know not to buy it.

Michael McCain may have been praised for his risk communication prowess during the Listeria outbreak of 2008 that killed 23, but basic food safety risk analysis is that it takes good assessment, management and communication to deliver safe food; fail at one, fail at all. Maple Leaf screwed up at the assessment and management part, which made their communications lame (despite lotsa praise from people with lips firmly planted). I won’t buy Maple Leaf.

XL, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the inspectors’ union, outside auditors…

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